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Aragon Governing Body

The Governing Body of Aragon Primary School ensures a transparent recruitment process and governors are appointed following nomination and election according to statutory guidance and in consultation with the Board of Trustees of the Willow Learning Trust.

Our Governing Body consists of eleven elected Governors and four Associate Governors and includes members of staff, parents, and those co-opted from the local community. All volunteer their services and time and have been elected because of their specific knowledge and skills essential for the effective governance of the school. Terms of office for co-opted/ community governors are for 4 years with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Governing Body as well as the Chairs of Committees requiring annual election.

Full Governing Body Meetings and Committee Meetings are held every term and along with Ms Davey, Headteacher, who is responsible for the day to day management and control of the school, we provide the school's strategic focus and direction. We are entrusted with ensuring the clarity, vision and ethos of the school, the strategic leadership and accountability and by ensuring financial probity. Trustees and appropriately nominated governors also attend regular Willow Learning Trust Board of Trustees and Committee meetings.

The Governing Body’s Code of Conduct is strictly adhered to and signed annually, it is also our duty to publish our Register of Interests, set out for each current governor and those which have served at any point over the past 12 months. This includes any relevant business/pecuniary interests of governors, details of any other educational establishments they govern and any material interests arising from relationships between governors; or, relationships between governors and members of school staff (including spouses, partners and relatives). Such declarations will be recorded in the Register of Business Interests, a copy of which is held in the school office and is also published here on the website.

At the commencement of all Governing Body Meetings, Governors are asked to declare whether they have any pecuniary or personal interests, this is documented in the minutes of the meeting and the appropriate form completed if interests have been declared.

The role of governor can be a challenging one, it is rewarding to be a representative of an organisation that has such a positive impact on the children that attend and the community it serves. All decisions we make are always in the best interest of the school, the pupils, the staff and the parents/carers.

How to contact us:

This can be arranged via the school office or you can contact us at governors@aragonprimary.merton.sch.uk.



Aragon Primary School Governing Body - 1st August 2017






Ms Julie Davey

Resources Committee Member

The Willow Learning Trust

Admissions, Personnel, Finance and Shared

Services Committees


Headteacher - Ex officio

Board Appointed 01/08/2017              

Expires 31/07/2067





Miss Isabelle Paget 

Safeguarding and Pupil Premium Governor

Standards Committee Member

Trustee - The Willow Learning Trust

Admissions and Personnel Committees


Co - Opted Governor/Chair

Board Appointed 01/08/2017  

Expires 31/07/2021




Ms Diane Symcox

Chair of Standards Committee

Literacy Link Governor 

The Willow Learning Trust

Standards Committee       


 Co - Opted Governor

Board Appointed 01/09/2017

Expires 31/08/2021




Miss Amy Royle 

Resources Committee Member

 The Willow Learning Trust

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning  Committee  

Co - Opted Staff Governor

Board Appointed 01/08/2017          

Expires 31/07/2021




Miss Katie O'Sullivan 

Standards Committee Member

Staff Governor                                 

Staff Appointed 01/09/2017          

Expires 31/08/2021


 Katie O’Sullivan



Mr Terry Daniels

Chair of Resources Committee

Early Years Link Governor

 Willow Learning Trust

Premises, Finance and Shared Services Committees



Co – opted Governor

Board Appointed 01/08/2017       

Expires 31/07/2021




Mr Tom Magill

Vice Chair

Resources Committee Member

Deputy Safeguarding and Pupil Premium Governor

Trustee – The Willow Learning Trust

Chair of Admissions Committee   


Co-Opted Governor

Board Appointed 01/08/2017

Expires 31/07/2021




Mrs Gerry Perrin

Standards Committee Member   

Pupil Voice, SRE, LGBT, British Values,

Displays, Link Governor


Parent Elected Governor   

Appointed 01/08/2017

Expires 14/04/2021







Mr Grant Stonell    

Maths Link Governor

Resources Committee Member

Trustee – The Willow Learning Trust

Chair of Finance Committee


Parent Elected Governor

Appointed 01/ 08/2017     

Expires 11/05/2019

No financial interest





Co Opted Governor Vacancy




Benjamin Washington



Governance Manager – no voting rights        

Appointed 1st February 2017



Associate members of the Governing Body Board Appointed :-

They have no voting rights at Full Governing Body meetings but bring their specific expertise to the Governing Body and can Chair Committees / Focus Groups and report to the Full Governing Body, who may grant them voting rights on committees. 


Mrs Clare Ryder                   

Standards Committee Member 

The Willow Learning Trust  

Premises and Personnel Committee / SCITT Member     


Deputy Head / Associate Governor




Mrs Jessie Linsley          

The Willow Learning Trust  

Standards Committee Member       


Assistant Head / Associate Governor



Mrs Andrea Stirling – Williams

Assistant Head / Associate Governor



Mrs Hayley Russi                        

Assistant Head / Associate Governor






Previous Governors

Cllr Sally Kenny  Co- opted Board Appointed Governor  17/03/2015 – 22/02/2017

David Cheesman Co – opted Board Appointed Governor 17/03/2015 – 23/02/2017

Rosie Curtis Perez Staff Appointed Governor   15/09/2015 – 30/07/2017

Mrs Barbara Newton Parent Elected Governor 01/08/2017 - 05/01/2018