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Cheryl Stonell (02/04/2017 10:19:13)
Thank you to all the staff for the lovely gesture cakes and refreshments on the last day of term before Easter break.
Simon (13/02/2017 10:50:34)
Like the website a lot. Well done Bev and the team!

REPLY - Thank you for your kind words.
Clare Zamble (29/12/2016 05:38:13)
Love the website update! Photos and video paint a great picture of a lively school community.

REPLY - Thank you for your lovely comment.
Dawn Lyons (27/11/2016 14:34:53)
Very good, , colourful and lots of information but the upcoming events section that has a scroll tab on the right won't scroll down on my phone so I can only see what's there rather than all of the information.

REPLY - Only 10 events are visible at a time.
Zoey Kennett (17/11/2016 05:40:58)
Love the new website, information can be found easily. Especially like the calendar dates as we sometimes don't get enough notice about events or performances etc.

REPLY - Thank your for your positive comments.
Helen Michael (10/11/2016 16:31:15)
The two red tabs either side of the page make it very hard to view things. They do not move and they are in the way.
Also the comments o am writing in this box are very hard to see as the colour of the text is white and the background colour is light yellow. It is very hard to see what you have written so please excuse any mistakes. This need s to be a darker background colour.

REPLY The red tabs have been repositioned. The background colour of the comments box has been darkened.

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